At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

create a Google Form
locate and analyze results from a Google Form
use add-ons to automate and maximize your productivity with Google Forms


Principal Reynolds values her teacher's time. She works tirelessly to ensure that any staff meetings are both valuable and efficient. With this goal in mind, she has begun exploring the idea of a flipped staff meeting. Several times a year, she receives instruction from the district office regarding a video and/or webinar that ALL teachers must watch and sign off that they have indeed received this valuable information about health & safety or upcoming state-wide testing. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes of her staff meeting time watching the video as a whole staff, she embeds the video into a Google Form, creates a short assessment about the video's key ideas, and sends the link to her staff members.  Most prefer to participate in the required training on their own time and spend the gained staff meeting time collaborating with their peers.  So far it has been a success!

Principal Mojsich wants to a mechanism to gather student feedback regarding their school.  He decides to create a Google Form that can be used several times a year to gauge school climate and culture from a student's perspective while also leaving space for student feedback, suggestions, and recommendations.  Since implementing this system, he's gained a valuable perspective about his campus, garnered some great ideas for improvement, and overall has helped create a more student-centered campus. 

Assistant Principal Ramirez desires to automate the behavior referral system at her school. Both teachers and her find the paper-based system cumbersome and difficult to track. A lot of time gets lost as information from the current paper-based system has to be typed into the Student Information System as well as the district's system to track and monitor the PBIS systems and supports at her school.  By transitioning to a Google Form for the initial referral process, AP Ramirez is able to respond quicker and the information is already available digitially to import into other systems required by the district.

It's the beginning of the year and Principal Smith has a large number of new and veteran teachers who are up for their evaluation cycle.  The teacher contract outlines timelines that include setting up a goal-setting conference to explain the evaluation process and go over the teacher goals.  Scheduling these conference times to stay within contract can often be a challenge. Principal Smith sets up a Google Form with all available conference times for teachers to choose their preferred time. This form, combined with a powerful add-on, empowers teachers to choose the time that works best for them and ensures that timelines are met.  No longer are their emails back and forth requesting alternative times or accidental double-booking of conferences.