At the end of this lesson you will be able to: 
Locate your Google drive
Upload files and folders to your Google Drive
Locate files shared with you
Search your Google drive


The following scenarios are examples of how administrators might use Google Drive.

Principal Smith is new to the Google environment.  She is at her home computer or wants to use her mobile device and needs to locate her Google Drive so she can access files anytime and anywhere. After logging into her Google account, she is able to locate her Google Drive quickly and continue working on a file right where she left off.  After installing the mobile app for her device, she can also access her files on her tablet and phone.

Assistant Principal Kingsbury just switched over to Google Drive.  All his files are currently stored in a shared drive accessible only on the school network. Additionally, he also has many work-related files stored on his computer at home as well as several flash drives. He wants to have access to his files anytime and anywhere by uploading them to his new Google Drive.  He quickly transfers all his folders and files from all these different sources into his Google Drive. He appreciates that GAFE accounts offer unlimited Drive storage and can store a wide variety of file types beyond just Google products.

A teacher shared their lesson plan written in Google Docs with prior to their their formal observation.  You want to find it in your Google Drive and review it before an upcoming pre-observation meeting. You can't seem to locate a single shared file within your Google Drive until you discover the Incoming Button.  Now you see all the files teachers have shared with you and can add it to your drive in a location that you'll remember.

You attended a conference on project-based learning last summer in which the presenter shared some amazing resources that you wanted to share with your staff.  However, at the time your professional learning for your staff was mapped in advance.  Several months later, your staff is ready to launch into PBL and you can't seem to locate the files.  You are positive you put them in your google drive.  Using the search feature, you quickly locate the desired file.  Next time, you'll save time by using the search feature first!

How to: