At the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Create and edit a Google Doc
Share a Google Doc
Collaboratively edit and comment on a Google Doc


The following scenarios are examples how administrators might use Google Docs within thier work.

Principal Woodcock regularly seeks feedback and input from his teachers on various school-wide initiatives such as staff meeting agendas, site plans, and school-wide positive behaivor intervention system.  However, it can be difficult to meet with teams of teachers face-to-face to obtain feedback. When teachers send comments on documents e-mailed to staff it can be challenging to manage all those different comments from one's inbox.  Enter Google Docs.  Since transitioning to Google Docs for staff meeting agendas, he is able to receive real-time comments and input from his staff in one place.  This helps him stay organized and the agendas become places to take notes during the staff meetings so any absent staff can see what transpired as a record. He is also began drafting site plans and other things in Google Docs so he can get feedback.  He appreciates the ability to work on documents anytime and anywhere. Principal Woodcock's day is busy so the automatic save feature of Google Docs means when those interruptions happen in the life of a principal his latest work is saved for when he returns.

Principal Giacomini sought an efficient communication method between her, her school staff, and the district office during emergencies such as a lockdown where it is essential to account for every student, teachers and students are instructed to be absolutely quiet to not draw attention to themselves, and in the event of an actual emergency it's critical that lines of communication are open to talk with district office staff and public safety officials.  She created a Google Doc that lists every classroom and teacher.  All teachers have access to this document on their school computer as well as their mobile devices. During a lockdown drill, teachers are able to quietly and safely communicate the status of their classroom (all students accounted for and/or students not accounted for) and she as well as district office staff can see data in real-time to ensure student safety.

Principal Chin leads a very large school where her teachers are participating in ongoing PLC work every week.  She would like to be present for this work between all the grade-level teams but found herself stretched thin. Since using Google Docs for PLC notes, she can easily and quickly see what grade-level teams are working on, the support teachers need, and use the data during her regular walkthroughs and conversations with her teachers. Teachers appreciate having a single shared document that chronicle their work over the course of the year.